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private investigation and asset protection services

Detective Management

An investigative tool usually done through covert type of operation designed to gather facts, information, and pieces of evidence to ascertain the truth aided by state – of – the – art technology.

Corporate & Investigation Management

A form of due diligence which handle cases involving loss of assets, integrity issues, financial soundness, business ethics and other reason of organizational exposures related to employees and business partners.

Security Business Consultancy

Providing expert advice on business and organizational security management on local regulations, and international standards applicable to the current activity of the business enterprise related to guard force administration, loss prevention and other form of asset protection.

Technical Services

Conducting scientific analysis and forensic investigation related to questioned documents, computer crime, and forgery detection and serve as expert witness.

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Executive Protection Specialist VS Bodyguard

Executive Protection Specialist VS Bodyguard

Majority of us, due to influenced by what we see on television or at a local bar, anyone who’s working to protect someone or some premises are bodyguards. We do not actually know that there’s […]

DIY Investment Fraud Investigation

DIY Investment Fraud Investigation

What you can do to avoid being a victim of Investment Scam? * Ask questions and check out very carefully each and every answer Scammers knows the sad truth that many people simply are gullible […]