Executive Protection Specialist VS Bodyguard
September 27, 2017

Executive Protection Specialist VS Bodyguard

Majority of us, due to influenced by what we see on television or at a local bar, anyone who’s working to protect someone or some premises are bodyguards. We do not actually know that there’s a thing such as Executive Protections Specialist in existence.

So, what’s the difference? Here are some points that differentiating a Certified Executive Protection Specialist from a Bodyguard.




“hulking” presence in order to intimidate anyone trying to get to a person 

Often these are relatives or friends

Sometimes end up in the news, often after they assault a reporter or photographer or named in a law suit. 

With formal and expensive training in order to learn the professional way to protect an individual.

Certified Protection Specialist.

Responsible for protecting the client from physical harm.

Safeguarding the client’s reputation and integrity.

Requires using more than just muscle.

Using intellect and knowledge to protect a client.

Fit and train at intense levels.

Required to stay in shape and have physical agility.

There is hidden knowledge that can only come from long review of case studies, testing, hands on training and the process of education  

Take a proactive approach by working to alleviate or mitigate a potential threat before anything occurs.

Many hours are spent behind the scenes, doing research, networking with various agencies and staying on top of the latest assignment and all that comes with that assignment.

Investigate all threats, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem.

Monitor social web sites, emails, and blogs for potential problems 

Keep clients informed of everything that is going on 


Executive Protection



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