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Executive Protection Specialist VS Bodyguard

Majority of us, due to influenced by what we see on television or at a local bar, anyone who’s working to protect someone or some premises are bodyguards. We do not actually know that there’s a thing such as Executive Protections Specialist in existence. So, what’s the difference? Here are some points that differentiating a […]


DIY Investment Fraud Investigation

What you can do to avoid being a victim of Investment Scam? * Ask questions and check out very carefully each and every answer Scammers knows the sad truth that many people simply are gullible and don’t even bother to do some further investigation before investing. So take the necessary time and do your own […]


DIY – Property Investigation: Things to check before acquiring Real Estate in the Philippines

1. AUTHENTIC “Transfer Certificate of Title” To check if the property title is authentic is to get CTC(Certified True Copy) of from Registry of Deeds which is usually within the City/Municipality where the property is located. Simply ask the seller for a photocopy of the title where you can get the ‘Title No.’ and ‘Owner’s […]


Most of potential employers are checking your Social Media Accounts

We’ve all heard that potential employers are going to be looking for us on social media. But why do they do it? What is it that companies want to see about our private life activities before making a professional assessment of us? Sometimes, they’re just looking for potential passive candidates in the first place. Increasingly, […]


Understanding the 2016 Gun Ban

As defined under Rule I, Section I of COMELEC Resolution No. 10015 dated November 13, 2015, the Committee on the Ban on Firearms and Security Personnel (CBFSP) refers to the committee created by the Commission to implement the laws and rules on the ban on the bearing, carrying, or transporting of firearms and other deadly […]