Scams: Philippine Recruitment Scams Exposed!

Due to the recession and economic conditions for most Filipinos, many of Filipinos are forced to seek better chance and good life abroad as OFW. Yet, it has been unlucky that this desire for better lives is being abused by deceitful sorts who find it necessary to illegally recruit, or scam potential workers. Recruitment scams is a scam whereby scammers falsely advertise or offer jobs to victims that require some form of application fee and the like.  However, scammers are dishonorable  for constantly regrouping and trying their luck under various guises and versions of their scams. They only need a small amount  of those they target to pay-up for their schemes to be worthwhile. The latest scam that authorities are warning about is a recruitment scam targeting Filipino job seekers.

These are the common overseas job scams:

  1. Some recruitment agency  charge advance fees. These operations usually advertise in newspapers.  The ads are generally told that there are immediate openings available for which they are perfectly suited. But to qualify for the job  they must pay a placement fee in advance.
  2. Job listing services. There are many recruitment agencies that make no promises to place you in a job. They simply sell a list of job opportunities without providing more information about the jobs.

Here are some ways how to avoid  this recruitment scams:

  1. Find out how long the recruitment agencies has been in business. Also, ask what is the agencies’ present financial condition. Compare the agency, and the services offered, with other similar recruitment agency before you pay a fee.
  2. All of the arrangements must be in written documents so that you have an evidence to produce when something bad happen.
  3. Check with the DOLE or Department of Labor and Employment whether the job is supposed to be located and if it is really hiring.

When you detect these signs of recruitment scams, go for more investigations. If you can’t do on your own that is the time you can ask for help in private detectives or private investigators. For more information in Philippine private detectives or Philippine private investigators, click here for more information.

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