Philippine Crime Scene Investigation Works

Philippine crime scene investigation works by involving in focused documentation of the conditions at the scene and the collection of any physical evidence that could possibly clarify what happened and point to who did it. In the Philippines, private detectives and private investigators will gather the physical evidence. The ultimate goal is the conviction of the person responsible for the crime. So while investigators scrape off the dried blood without smearing any prints, lifts several hairs without disturbing any trace evidence and shatter through a wall in the living room, they are now considering all of the necessary steps to protect the evidence in its current form, what the laboratory can do with this evidence in order to recreate the crime or identify the criminal, and the legal issues involved in making sure this evidence is admissible in court.

The Philippine crime scene investigation begins when the crime scene investigation unit receives a call from the private detectives or private investigators on the scene. Generally, the system works something like this:

A. The Philippine crime scene investigation arrives on the scene and makes sure it is safe and sound. They does an preliminary walk-through to get an overall feel for the crime scene investigation, finds out if anyone moved anything before they arrived, and generates initial theories based on visual examination. They make notes of possible evidence. At this point, they touch nothing.

B. The Philippine crime scene investigation thoroughly documents the scene by taking photographs and drawing sketches during a second walk-through. Sometimes, the documentation stage includes a video walk-through, as well. They document the scene as a whole and document anything they have identified as evidence. They still touch nothing.

C. The Philippine crime scene investigation thoroughly makes them way through the scene collecting all possible evidence, packaging it so it remains undamaged on its way to the laboratory. Depending on the job breakdown of the crime scene investigation unit they work for and their areas of expertise.

The private investigators or private detectives now touches, collects, and documents any specimen that is relevance and is predicted to have a correlated with the crime. After they gathered all the necessary evidence they will go to the crime laboratory and will already process all of the evidence .When the laboratory results are in, they go to the private detectives or investigators on the case. To know more about Philippine crime scene investigation, click here for more information.

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