Scams: Filipina Online Dating Scams

Philippines Online dating has boomed nationwide.  More and more Filipina are seeking love and a new life abroad. To find their way out of poverty just to get out in the Philippines, many Filipina are opening accounts for online dating. Suprisingly the level of dating scams are on demand. Technology has brought scams and become risky to every part of the world and especially to those who  are trying online dating. Philippines based dating scams are out of control with online syndicates and even the whole  families after your hard earned cash. Private Detectives and Private Investigators in the Philippines openly offer Dating Scam investigations as a typical service.

So  how we will spot a dating scam? This is a very hard one as it all depends on whom you are dealing with. Different approaches to spot different scammers and even then you may still get frustrate. Here are a few things to become cautious.

  1. No landline number (just an ordinary cellphone number-prepaid)
  2. You are older or younger in your age.
  3. The information on their profile vague
  4. The photo is good to be true

What you need to keep in mind when considering sending money or anything else to someone you met online is this. You really have no idea who you are sending it to. Some people that run these scams are old ladies, families, men even. Chances are that even as you think you are special, there are at least more other guys that are being treated the same way and they are probably already sending the cash to your loved ones. If you really think that she is the one and that you are not being scammed, considering hiring a private detective or have a background investigation to check to learn what you can. Make it sure you hire a professional detective agency to do the work or else you might be scammed too.

When you detect these signs of online dating scams, go for more investigations. If you can’t do on your own that is the time you can ask for help in private detectives or private investigators. For more information in Philippine private detectives or Philippine private investigators, click here for more information. For those seeking a romantic relationship in the Philippines, as well as foreigners seeking investigation or background check assistance in the Philippines, extra caution is advised.

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