How to protect your credit card online


Keep your credit card details private, secured, and away from prying eyes and avoid fraudulent transactions with these tips for shopping online.

On top of these general tips for safe shopping, here are some card-specific tips to keep in mind when virtually swiping your plastic.

– Only enter your credit card details on secure sites

Make sure that there’s https connection in the URL and a padlock or another digital security certificate to ensure that you are only entering your details on a site that encrypts the transaction end-to-end. Don’t send your credit card information over email.


– Buy a prepaid card for online transactions

Prepaid credit cards allow you to load a set amount of money at the time of purchase. The advantages are plentiful when it comes to using a prepaid card for online shopping, aside from controlling yourself from spending too much, the big one is that even if the card’s details are compromised somewhere along the chain, there is a limit to the amount of money that can be taken.

For more information regarding prepaid credit cards here in Philippines, you can contact your bank to know how can you avail it.

– Watch statements for any unusual transactions

It is a best practice if you’re regularly checking your financial statements both online or on paper, so if you spot anything suspicious, you can call your bank bank immediately.

– Turn on your credit card’s added layer of security

Don’t hesitate to turn-on all the added layer of securities of your card, such as 3-D Authentication, SecureCode, etc. These will make your credit card more protected against fraudulent transactions.

– Check your browser settings

Turn off your browser’s autocomplete settings to avoid it inadvertently storing your credit card or personally identifiable information.

In Chrome, go to Settings and select Show Advanced Settings. Under the Passwords and Forms section, click Manage Auto-fill Settings. Delete any credit card information that is automatically stored there, then uncheck Enable Auto-fill to fill in web forms in a single click.


In Safari, find Preferences. Click on the AutoFill tab and then uncheck the options to remember form data, including the credit card option.

In Internet Explorer, click the settings cog and choose Internet Options. From the Content tab, click Settings next to the AutoComplete section and uncheck Forms.

Be sensible about where and how you use your card

Be vigilant where and how to use your credit card, by default do not allow any online retailer to store your credit card details on their database. If there’s an option that you will enter the credit card details each and every time  you make a purchase, go for it, it might be tedious on your end, but definitely more secured.


– Use another service to make it easy

If you really not comfortable using credit card online, then simply choose another payment options. A good e-commerce site/online retailer understand this, that’s why they have multiple payment options such as Cash-on-Delivery, Bank Deposit, Bank Wire, and other Third-Party payment facilities(DragonPay, ecPay, etc).