Company Outing of Right Eye Detective & Protective Services

The following photographs are intentionally taken and published in a wide haze shot to protect the identity of Right Eye employees.We purposedly omiited,blurred and cropped some of the elements due to some restrictions regarding the nature of work performed by the agents.

RIGHT EYE family boldly posed at the entrance upon arrival at Villa Crisanta Resort,Rosario, Batangas.

CLOSE ENCOUNTER…nature knows how to rejuvenate tired body and mind of a human…even the best and slippest detectives of RIGHT EYE.

NATURE’s Treat…the lushes of green pampered my eyes.The best gift to give to detectives is to indulge them in a soothing place like this at Villa Crisanta.

BARE to DARE.The Sherlock angels at the cabana found themeselves like a cocoon seting to undergo metamorphosis..

Are you a PAPARAAZZI? Sherlock caught in a shock while others busy preparing meals.

SEEING through the lens. Detectives embraced nature’s comfort.

SWIM as you can. The kids of Right Eye plunged into blue waters.

Right Eye babies at the golf cart…

GIRL POWER? Who’s that boy capturing photos? Females spotted amazingly discovering the like-mansion pavilion of the resort.

SCRATCH MY BACK PLS. Can you identify the difference? Girls captured with pride in back posturing.

OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER/agent. Show your best shot folks!

DETECTIVES TRAIL. The Right Eye family together with their respective families tried to survey the 25 hectare farm resort of Villa Crisanta.

The DETECTIVES FAREWELL. Right eye family was happily sharing jokes before they left the resort.